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Bharat Pumpkin Raw Seeds 300gm | For Eating | Immunity Booster | Men and Women Wellness


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  • High in iron
  • A good source of fiber
  • Improve heart health
  • May help you sleep better
  • Promote hair growth
  • Reduce inflammation
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Bharat Pumpkin Raw seeds are tiny, yet they pack a big punch. These tiny seeds are a good source of magnesium, iron, and fibre for their incredible health benefits.

You may have heard raw pumpkin seeds referring to pepitas, and technically they are both pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds without the shell and only found in specific pumpkins like oilseed pumpkins and Styrian pumpkins.

Bharat Pumpkin Raw Seeds found in pumpkins like those you carve at Halloween and encase in a white shell. So if you’re hoping to have unshelled pumpkin seeds, you’ll have to crack the covers yourself. Luckily, pepitas and shelled pumpkin seeds sold in the store ready to go, so you won’t have to do the work yourself.

Benefits of Bharat Pumpkin Raw Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrients, including protein, fibre, omega-3 fats, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, B vitamins, and antioxidants. In an ounce of hulled pumpkin seeds, about 85 seeds, you’ll get about 18 per cent of the recommended daily dose of magnesium and 19 per cent of the daily recommended amount of zinc.


Iron is an essential nutrient for us as the body must make hemoglobin, a protein responsible for circulating oxygen in your body. Not enough iron can lead to things like fatigue, anemia, and immune system problems. These issues may avoid if you’re getting enough iron in your diet. Pumpkin seeds are high in iron, with an ounce of seeds giving you 11% of the recommended daily intake.

A Good Source of Fibre by Bharat Pumpkin Raw Seeds

It’s recommended that men eat about 38 grams of fibre per day and women about 25 grams. Unfortunately, the stats show Americans are only eating about half of what’s recommended. More fibre could contribute to better colon health, a more robust immune system and may help prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you’re looking to up your fibre intake, you can look to pumpkin seeds. Just an ounce of pumpkin seeds will give you 20 per cent of the recommended daily intake for fibre.

Improve Heart Health

Research suggests that pumpkin seeds may help improve heart health due to their high amount of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, and zinc. Some studies also found that eating pumpkin seeds may help lower blood pressure and increase “good” HDL cholesterol, which may help reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

It May Help You Sleep Better

Eating pumpkin seeds may improve sleep thanks to an essential amino acid called tryptophan. Pumpkin seeds contain a high level of tryptophan, which our body needs to prepare for sleep. Tryptophan is also in turkey, which could explain the food coma after Thanksgiving dinner. The body turns tryptophan into a B vitamin called niacin, which helps the body create serotonin. Important because serotonin is a chemical that plays a critical role in sleep and regulating our melatonin levels. So, incorporating more tryptophan into our diet via pumpkin seeds may improve our sleep quality.

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